December 1, 2009

Fitness Goals

So I am anticipating a decent workout today since I had an unscheduled rest day that was forced on me by my body. Delayed muscle soreness can be a great pain, because it's, well, delayed. Which basically means that the effects of a workout aren't felt to much later, usually a day or two after working out a particular or group of muscles. It's an inconvenience for me because, I'm always geared up for a nice workout and I didn't plan on resting yesterday. Although "resting" is greatly important to any exercise program, routine causes much stubbornness. My opinion to the anyone reading this post is to rest. Rest is important to the body's ability to repair, grow, and optimize itself. Just a tip for you.

If someone were to ask me whats the greatest challenge with starting a fitness regimen, I would say clearly defining fitness goals. When I trained (for a brief period), I found out two things: the client didn't have goals that where clearly defined or the client had unrealistic goals. If you are going to start a fitness regime, you have to determine what it is that you are trying to achieve. You must also keep in mind that your goal development be realistic as it pertains to your level. If your goals are unrealistic, then creates a challenge for you achieving those goals. For example if your goal is weight loss and you are trying to loose 25 pounds in 2 weeks, that's very unrealistic, especially since a healthy fat loss regimen only allows for 2-3 pounds fat loss per week. By the same token if your over all fitness goal is muscle gain and you are just starting out, lifting heavy weight could result in injury. I often find that most people have better degree of success and motivation, when they are reaching their goals, goals that they have clearly and realistically defined.

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