December 28, 2009

Holiday weight gaining blues?

I know it's been a little while since I've posted, but in my defense, the holidays kept me quite busy, more specifically, baking. I'm tickled at the idea of how some people think that one or two days of holiday feasting result in weight gain. I laugh it off because most of the time, it feels like we've gain 5...10..or even 100lbs through one sitting. If this idea were even true, I think we all would be in big trouble. But the truth of the matter is that weight gain results in a surplus of calories over time. What we perceive to be weight gain after a holi "day" feast, is nothing more than an illusion of fluid retention, which is the direct result of food made with large amounts of salts, carbs, starches, etc. Our bodies naturally retain fluid in the presence of excess salt and "carbo"hydrates. The body naturally requires more fluid when processing larger amounts of carbs and salts. To get a fair estimate of measuring your weight after the holidays, do so 2-3 days after your feast.

What I usually do, especially if I know I might be tempted to overstay my welcome at the holiday table, is to get in a good workout just before the feasting begins, thereby illuminating any unwanted extra calories. Since my workouts are usually intense, I just add another dimension to the workout. By hitting the track or gym as soon as a get up, my body is already in a energy depleted state, I increase my metabolism and need for energy, maximizing my calorie burning potential throughout the day. Since I am a seasoned fitness enthusiast, I know my limits, when working out in this way. If you are a beginner, please exercise caution, because working out too intensely without eating, can make you sick. I recommend working out before you feast, why? Because it will give you more time to spend with family, friends, and the like and it ensures that you actually workout. Since many of us don't want to be bothered after we have had more than our "fill." Until next time, please have a safe and happy New Year.

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