March 7, 2010

Exploring Fondant and Gum paste

As a self proclaimed pastry chef and owner of Splendid Creations I make sure that I keep myself challenged was well as competitive in the industry. My latest projects have me working with fondant and gum paste designs and I couldn't be more ready for the challenge. Although designing cakes is one dimension of my business, I understand how popular 3D style cakes are becoming and so it's important to master the techniques involved, to stay ahead of the competition, especially if most of your sales are cake sales. So, I decided to use my grandfather's 87th birthday as an opportunity to extend my skills in advance 3D cake design. One of the awesome things about "passion" is that it drives our desires and is often times, the obsession with our pursuit of perfection. The cake above is the result. I decided to use my southern banana pudding cake since it's a family favorite next to the Red Velvet Cake of course. The flag, stars, and bottom border of the cake are fondant and the cake is frosted in the lusciously delicious cream cream frosting. Although my grandfather and family were in awe, I thought the design was just "ok," but the taste of course was out of this world. This is one of many 3D cakes that I will create in the coming weeks. Come to think of it, I have a client that ordered a dice shaped 3D cake for next weekend. Come back if your interested in how it turns out. Thanks for reading and happy baking.

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  1. This cake looks great considering you are just experimenting! Most people who have ever messed around with fondant on a cake will tell you that it is not simple. I'm going to be attempting to make a cake with fondant for my site in the near future, I hope mine looks as good as this one! Love your blog, keep up the good work!